High Speed Stop Leads to Felony Arrest


A high-speed stop in Milford leads to a felony arrest. On December 21st, around 8 am, 25-year-old Madison Treat of Washington was pulled over by CHP near the Honeylake Motorcross park on US 395 for driving at 110 mph. The officer discovered Treat did not have a valid driver’s license and impounded the vehicle. The CHP says during a search of the car, “numerous items related to drug trafficking” and a firearm was found. Treat was arrested for possessing cocaine, mushrooms, ketamine, and Xanax for sale and being a convicted felon in possession of a stolen firearm. Treat was booked into the Lassen County Jail, where he has posted bail for 22,000 dollars.

The CHP remained busy over the holiday weekend with speeders. Another three tickets were issued for drivers reaching near or over 100 mph.

A maximum enforcement period started Friday and will extend through midnight tonight. The CHP reminds you to drive safely, avoid distractions and never drive while impaired.