Hearing on Venue Appeal to be Held this Friday in Latest from CCC Closure Proceedings

Lassen Superior Court will hear from California’s 3rd Appellate Court on the change of venue appeal made by the State this Friday at 11am.

In a statement from Dana Simas, the press secretary for CDCR, on all current happenings around the case, in September “the Lassen County Superior Court issued a preliminary injunction suspending CDCR from performing any acts to further the closure of California Correctional Center pending hearing and further order of the court.

“On Oct. 15, 2021, the Third District Court of Appeal granted a temporary stay while it considers CDCR’s request to move the case to another county. The preliminary injunction remains in effect until further order from the Third District Court of Appeal.

“All activities related to the closure of CCC remain stayed until further notice. Inquiries related to the closure of CCC will be responded to at a later date.”

The change of venue appeal has been requested by the State to move the hearing to a neutral location. The Appeals court did state that if Judge Nareau did not budge on his ruling of venue they will most likely overrule him.


Court is set for 11am Friday, October 29th at the Lassen Superior Court