HDSP Donates Over 11,000 Back into the Community

Over the last two months, over 11,000 dollars went out to local organizations from funds donated from High Desert State Prison, with some coming from the incarcerated.

High Desert Representative Lt. Sieberg says inmates helped donate nearly half of those funds through food sales, bringing the benefit to the community full circle.

Local vendors will provide food products for the over 800 inmates who purchase the food with their own money. The amount generated from those sales gets turned back around and put into the community through a local organization they choose to sponsor.

Staff also raises funds through community events such as the most recent Holiday with a Hero Golf Tournament. That event helped raise over 10,000 dollars donated to the community.

Over the last two months, checks have been handed out to local sports teams, including the 11-year-old travel baseball team Lassen Rock Chucks and Lassen High Baseball. Each received over 1700 dollars for equipment and away game-day travel.

Lassen Family Services and Lassen Behavioral Health’s Youth Prevention Friday Night Live Program also received generous donations of over 1600 dollars each. Donations benefitted Shaffer School in Litchfield, which received a near 4,000 dollars. The school purchased House Team Shirts for all the students.

Lt. Seiberg said there is a great team out at the state prison that is always eager to support the community and will continue to think outside the box and come up with ways to give back.