Grill Safely This Summer: Susanville Fire Department Shares Essential Tips to Prevent Fires


Bar-B-que season is here, and Susanville Fire wants to remind you to remember grilling safety tips to prevent unwanted fires this holiday weekend.

The department says some precautions you can take to make sure you don’t burn more than the burgers are to keep all grills away from your home, deck railings, or under eaves that could easily catch fire, clean your grill of grease buildup before cooking, never leave your grill unattended and always light your gas grill when the lid is open, and when you are done grilling you should let the coals cool completely and dispose of them in a metal container to be taken out when completely cool.

Susanville Fire reports that grill fires soar in July, with over half of injuries involving grills causing severe burns.

Stay fire-safe this summer, and visit the National Fire Protection Association for more safety tips.