Final Comment Period for California’s New Water Conservation Plan


The state holds a final commenting period on newest water conservation plan to address climate change.

‘Making Conservation a California Way of Life’ is the state’s lastest proposed regulatory framework by the State Water Board. It aims to establish efficiency goals for each Urban Retail Water Supplier, based on the unique characteristics of their service areas. The goal is to reduce urban water use and help California adapt to what the state calls an increasingly more severe ‘swing between dry and wet weather.’
Purpose: California faces severe weather fluctuations exacerbated by climate change, making water supplies vulnerable. The framework is part of a strategy to expand storage, develop new supplies, and promote efficient water use, fostering long-term conservation practices.

The regulation targets urban retail water suppliers, not individual households or businesses. Suppliers, which cover 95% of Californians, must meet annual urban water use objectives through various methods, such as education, leak detection, rate reform, and incentives for water-efficient practices.

The regulation supports California’s Water Supply Strategy and aims to:

  • Promote nature-based solutions (e.g., native plants).
  • Improve soil health and reduce landfill waste (e.g., compost use).
  • Advance equity by reevaluating rate structures and investing in heat reduction partnerships.

The final commenting period to gather input began June 14th and ends July 1 at noon.

Visit the Conservation as a California Way of Life webpage to learn more.