PUBLIC NOTICE 8/17/2021 9am
The emergency alert zone map can be accessed at: community.zonehaven.com

Mandatory Evacuation Orders remain in place for:
• East of Hwy 395 from Standish Buntingville Rd south to the Milford Grade intersection and north to Baxter Creek
• Bizz Johnson Trail area south of Hwy 36 from Thumper Hill east to Miller Crossing and south to Bauer Rd
• Janesville area west of Hwy 395 from the Bass Hill area south to Milford Grade
• South of Hwy 36 from Devil’s Corral east to Britt Ln and Thumper Hill and south to Cheney Creek Rd
• Susan River Canyon/Cheney Creek area south of Hwy 36 from Willard Hill east to Korver Rd and south to the intersection of Cheney Cr. Rd and dirt Gold Run Rd.
• Clear Creek, Westwood, and Pine Town area south of Hwy 36 from the Lassen County line east to the Willard Hill area.
• North of Hwy 36 from the Lassen County Line east to Coppervale.
• The area south of Hwy 44 from the Lassen County line east to McCoy Flat including Silver Lake, Juniper Lake, and the Caribou Wilderness Area.

People who shelter in place in areas under mandatory evacuation order must stay on their property. People roaming outside their property will be arrested.

Evacuation Warnings remain in place for:
• The area west of Richmond Rd and south of Hwy 36 from Thumper Hill east to S Weatherlow St and south to Gold Run Rd
• Diamond Mountain area from Forest Service Rd 29NO2 south to the Lassen County line
• West of Richmond Rd from Gold Run Rd south to Childrens Rd but not including roads immediately adjacent to the Golf Course
• East of Hwy 395 from Baxter Creek south of Sunnyside Rd not to include Sunnyside Rd south to the Herlong Access Rd A25
• West of Hwy 395 from Milford Grade to the intersection of Herlong Access Rd A25
• Area south of Hwy 44, north of Hwy 36, west to Hog Flat Reservoir

• County Road A21 is closed to southbound traffic from Hwy 44
• Hwy 36 is closed west of Eagle Lake Rd A1
• Hwy 395 from A25 to Hwy 36 at Richmond Rd
• Hwy 44 is closed from the junction of Hwy 36 to Hwy 89