Drone Imaging Map Available for Damaged Assessment of Dixie fire


You can now view drone imaging of the entire Dixie Fire, as Plumas County Sheriff’s Office requested the imaging from the Alameda County Sheriff’s Office drone team. The assessment was made in efforts to give rapid visualization of the damage caused by the Dixie fire.

Instructions: Watch the video tutorial for a short training. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M0_3L8Cad-I

The site consists of maps, videos, 360 panoramas and additional information layers (upper right stacked icon). It is recommended to view from a computer and not mobile devices.

Dixie Fire Drone Map Link

Plumas County residents can refer to https://www.plumascounty.us/2868/Dixie-Fire-Information for questions and current updates about the fire.

Skysat satellite imagery from Aug 21 2021 is provided courtesy of Planet.

Drone maps were processed using ESRI’s Site Scan for ArcGIS.

Survae provided support with ground-based video visualization.

GIS visualization and web mapping provided by GeoAcuity. Technical questions can be addressed to [email protected].