Dixie Fire Collaborative Steering Committee Brings Greenville Rebuilding Survey to Crescent Mills


A Survey in Crescent Mills will be held today to hear how to rebuild Greenville with a budget of $3 million.

The Dixie Fire Collaborative Steering Committee has been surveying the Indian Valley community to pinpoint what should go into rebuilding downtown Greenville as the town slowly returns from the Dixie fire. Efforts have included surveying people at the December Community Meeting, sending out surveys through email, and holding a survey meeting in Taylorsville last Monday.

Today a meeting will be held in Crescent mills at the Crescent Mills Market along highway 89 at 7 pm. You can join to learn more about the survey and complete yours. Information from the survey will help the DFC steering committee determine where to put their efforts and how to use best the $3 million good faith contribution made by PG&E in May.

If you cannot attend this meeting, you will have one final chance on Jan. 21 at the Greenville Elementary School Cafeteria from 11 am to 1 pm during the regular Dixie Fire collaborative meeting.