CPUD Holds Special Board Meeting Tomorrow on Closure of Fire Department


Chester residents say their voices will not be heard over the closure of Chester’s Fire Department at tomorrow’s Special Board meeting.

November 14th, the CPUD board considered the closure of the fire department and phasing staff through February of next year. That decision was held off in a last-ditch attempt to solve a problem that has spanned over several years.

Board Member Kim Green suggested the community form an advisory council to help the board find a solution to keeping the department and fund its 1.2 million dollar deficit.

In the two-week interim, the community pulled together and formed this group. A list of recommended actions was complied, of which includes advocating for the resignation and replacement of the current board and the termination of General Manager and was asked to be heard as a formal item on tomorrow’s agenda to which one organizer says General Manager Adam Cox said will not happen. However, the GM told the committee they are more than welcome to use the public comment portion of the meeting to voice thier thoughts.

The Fire department riddled with controversy, having no more avenues to sustain itself as even borrowed money from the sewer decision has run dry, and voters shutting down the special tax devised to partially fund the department, the inevitable closure looms unless some unturned stone reveals a saving solution.

The board will meet on Tuesday, November 28th, at 3 pm at the Utility District building on Chester Airport Road.