Commercial Cannabis Public Hearing Held at Lassen County Planning Commission Meeting


Tomorrow Lassen County moves towards final approval of a proposed cannabis ordinance. In February a commercial cannabis ordinance was voted down in a 3-2 vote with District 3 and 5 supervisors Jeff Hemphill and Tom Hammond voting yes for a draft of the ordinance and Supervisors Bridges, Gallagher, and Albaugh voting no. That ordinance included 1500foot setbacks limiting the amount of allowed sites to only 10 throughout the whole of Lassen County. Those areas included two within Susanville city limits, one site in Beiber, and plots on the SW and SE of Westwood. Now the issue resurfaces in a public hearing on a proposed cannabis cultivation ordinance allowing up to 5 use permits within the industrial zoned areas of the county. The Lassen county planning commission meets tomorrow to hear from you and then make a recommendation to the board of supervisors in favor or against passage of the ordinance or recommend changes. The ultimate decision on approval lies with the board of supervisors. You can attend the Planning commissions meeting tomorrow, May 3rd in the Supervisors chambers at 707 Nevada street. The commission begins the meeting at 1pm, the public hearing for the amendment to Title 18 is set for 1:35.