City Moves Forward with Restroom Improvements at Memorial Park


The City of Susanville will move forward with plans to improve the restroom facilities at Memorial Park. A Community Block Development Grant that had the original intent to provide COVID relief for small businesses through a loan process has now been changed into used for community development.

City Administrator Dan Newton shared that the original intent was too cumbersome, requiring the city to hire a consultant and loan underwriter and piling a mountain of paperwork on business owners to qualify.

Though one local business owner during the public hearing quipped the council that they appreciate the large enclosed bathrooms as they will need them to use as a home, considering they have been unable to fully recover from the pandemic, forcing them to keep their shop closed. Newton shared that there has been business help with some of the funds, such as providing a freezer for Crossroads.

Two designs are currently in the works for the facilities at Memorial par,k yet the 148,000 dollars from the grant may not cover the total expense. City Administrator Dan Newton did share an additional 300,000 was found through other Block Grant Programs, and the council approved increasing the program income by another 200,000 dollars.

Final restroom facilities plans will be returned to the council and public in the following meeting.