City Council Talks HUSA, Water Plans, EVs, and Sales Tax Oversight Board

HUSA, Water Plans, EVs, and the final appointment to the Sales Tax Oversight board are on the list of topics to be discussed this Wednesday at the Susanville City Council. 

During the November 2nd meeting, the council began discussing keeping the Historic Uptown Susanville Association afloat by funding the non-profit with ARPA funds the city has set aside. The over 14,000 dollars would support the organization for the next year. This Wednesday the council will decide on whether or not to approve the allotment. 

Public works director Bob Godman will also make a presentation on the City’s Urban Water Management Plan. The California Department of Water Services requires urban water suppliers that serve more than 3,000 connections to prepare one every five years.

The council will also look to consider adding a rule to the city code regarding electric vehicle charging systems and stations. 

And Councilmember Stafford will make his nomination to the Sales Tax Oversight Board for the council to appoint. His nomination, if approved, would join, Jan Newbold, Tom Downing, Curtis Bortle, and Tony Ardito as part of the oversight committee charged with reviewing money that is spent collected from the 1% sales tax increase passed by voters in June.  

The council meets Wednesday, November 16th, at 5 pm at City Hall.