City Council Pursues Grant-Funded Community Services Officer, Upgrades Natural Gas Infrastructure, and Embraces the Pickleball Sensation


Several new developments may be underway for Susanville.

The City Council, during this week’s meeting, is seeking approval to employ a full-time Community Services Officer with the help of a nearly 400,000 dollar grant. This officer’s role will assess housing services, assist unsheltered individuals, and collaborate with local organizations. However, the position will only last three years if no additional funding is secured.

Meanwhile, the city faced an intense winter, with a 19% increase in gas demand and skyrocketing prices. Despite the challenges, the City Council managed to meet total gas demand by purchasing gas at reasonable fixed prices before the harsh season. This success was acknowledged when S&P Global Ratings upgraded the credit rating of natural gas bonds from a “negative outlook” to “stable.”

To address the increased demand and ensure compliance with federal requirements, the city with council approval will look to invest in infrastructure upgrades. The council is also considering approving a long-term natural gas purchase policy to avoid future spikes in wholesale gas costs.

Additionally, the council will consider authorization for a paving project on State Route 139. The project involves purchasing nearly 3 acres,, and a temporary construction easement from Caltrans through a Right of Way Contract and Grant Deed. This is expected to increase revenue to the general fund by $12,300.

Lastly, the ever-popular sport of pickleball is returning to the Susanville City Council’s attention this Wednesday. After earning a spot on the council’s priority list, city staff met with pickleball community representatives to explore making Susanville more welcoming to the sensation. Their proposal includes a two-phase approach, where the city will repair existing tennis courts for temporary use as pickleball courts while identifying a second location for new, dedicated courts. To facilitate this, the Mayor will be asked to approve a budget increase of $2,500 to develop preliminary plans and cost estimates.

The council meets Wednesday, August 2nd at 5pm, an agenda can be found on the city of Susanville website.