City Council Holds Special Meeting – Seats New Council Member, Talks Budget, & Water Restrictions


Newly elected council member Russ Brown will take his seat for the first time on the city council tomorrow at noon. The Council will be holding a special meeting to declare the results of the election as well as to nominate who will hold the title of Mayor and Mayor Pro-Tem. Immediately after the new council will be back to business with the presentation of the budget and workshop for the next fiscal year, and Public Works Director Bob Godman will inform the council that the Ca water resources board is requiring water districts to implement a 10 to 20% reduction of water usage, which for Susanville that will initiate stage one of the city’s water shortage contingency plan. If adopted by the new council, a rate increase will also follow to offset the 15% reduction that as projected would reduce city revenue by nearly 175,000 dollars. Your water bill could see a 25-cent surcharge and rate increase of 1.90 for every 750 gallons of water used. The average household uses almost 90 gallons a day. You can attend the council meeting again tomorrow at noon at City Hall on N. Lassen Street. You can view the full agenda by visiting