CHP Memorial Weekend Max Enforcement Sees Increase in Tickets for Excessive Speeding


A maximum enforcement period results in nearly 32,000 tickets over the Memorial day weekend, according to the CHP statewide statistics. Violations included excessive speeding distracted driving and seatbelt citations.

In the CHP’s Susanville area, results were very similar with significant traffic enforcement activity.

Officer Bruce Tuelchessaign of the Susanville CHP office shared some of the weekend’s results: Speeding citations for drivers exceeding 100 MPH were notably high, with 9 citations issued on Friday, 18 on Saturday, 13 on Sunday, and 16 on Monday. Each day saw a citation for unsafe turning movements. Saturday had one for distracted driving, and Sunday had citations for other collision factors and a seatbelt violation, among other miscellaneous violations. Officers issued numerous warnings throughout the weekend as well, noting 12 on Friday, 13 on Saturday, 22 on Sunday, and 17 on Monday.
DUI arrests were reported throughout the weekend, with Officer Tuelchesaign noting that the numbers were up. However, fatal collisions were down, with none occurring over the long holiday weekend.

The data underscores the heightened vigilance and enforcement efforts across the state and locally by the CHP during the holiday period to ensure road safety.