Chester Public Utility District Discusses Closure of Chester Fire Department 


Set for tomorrow’s Chester Public Utility District (CPUD) board meeting, General Manager Adam Cox will seek approval to shutter the department due to its significant operating deficit and failure to secure a viable source of incoming revenue.

Chester Fire’s last day is slated for December 31st.

This is coincidently the same day Fire Chief Balzarini and Cox designated as their date of departure with the district and fire department in their resignations, which the board has not fully accepted.

Many in the community are fighting to retain the department as it was instrumental in preserving the town during the historic Dixie Fire, and the concern that response to medical emergencies will be hindered without the department.

Other community members are voicing concerns about liquidating the department’s assets under a GM that’s already on his way out and whose management has been under their watchful eye.

The board will convene early, on Tuesday, November 14th, starting at 3 pm, to discuss these critical matters and more. An agenda can be found on the CPUD website.