Chester Community Connectivity Planning Workshop Sucessful


Chester had a successful planning meeting on the planning design phase for upgrades to SR 36 which also serves as the town’s main street. The community connectivity planning team held a workshop to invite the community to come and share thoughts and ideas. These included where congestion areas are, crosswalk suggestions, and where there are areas that are concerning. The roadway currently has many challenges such as wide road shoulders that do not designate turn-ins, limited sidewalks, dangerous crosswalks that are unlit, and a 30mph speed zone that many travelers and locals ignore and speed through the town. The plan goal is to set a roadmap toward a “complete street” to provide safer and more comfortable transportation options while enhancing the public space with the involvement of the community at the heart of it. Additional planning meetings are upcoming, though you can also share your thoughts on the online “idea wall” or interactive map on the planning website found at