CDC Visiting Lassen County Homes – Why?

CDC staff is here in Lassen County and your door may have been one of the few that they have knocked on, and here’s why. CDC staff is here in Lassen County not for COVID purposes but are working out of Lassen Community College for the National Nutritional and Health Examination Survey. Beginning in April if your household was selected you should have received your first letter in the mail, addressed to “resident”. Chief Medical Officer Dr. Tony Nguyen explains a response is needed whether you wish to opt-in or out before staff can exclude you and if no verbal or written response is received a visit by the CDC will visit your home to confirm. The survey even has a two-part monetary incentive if you choose to complete the health survey. All data collected will be given to you and is by law strictly confidential, you may even remain anonymous on your paperwork if you would like. The NHANES will be completing the health exams through the month of June, and your participation is urged to help contribute to the status of the overall health of the nation.