CCC Cook Supervisor Serving 180 Day Sentence for Sexual Relations with Inmate


A former California Correctional Center cook supervisor has been charged with four counts of sexual relations with an inmate. Juanita De Cutler was charged with the crimes and pled guilty on December 13th of 2022. De Cutler had until January 10th to turn herself into the Lassen County Jail to serve her 180-day sentencing. She was also charged with one count of unlawful access to confidential information and one count of unlawful communication with an inmate.

CDCR confirmed that a year ago, the Investigative Services Unit at CCC began investigating De Cutler after receiving information that she was involved in a sexual relationship with an inmate. Her employment began at the prison in 2020 as a correctional supervising cook, then resigned following the investigations in Feb. of 2022. After speaking with CDCR Office of Internal Affairs investigators, the case was turned over to the Lassen County District Attorney’s Office for charges.