CCC Closure Case Status Proceeding Update


An unannounced court proceeding took place at the Lassen Superior Court via zoom on the status of the case of Susanville vs. CDCR and the State for the announced closure of CCC. Judge Moody stated he would like to get this case underway for the sake of the citizens of the state as it has been dragged on for too long already. The proceedings specifically guided to get answers to the closure decision as it was made and announced in April of last year and what was CDCRs process was for selecting CCC and did it follow the law? Specifically that a budget committee is involved in the process and the state budget was updated without CCC as part of it. The state attorney is asking for arguments to be heard on how CDCR and the State interpreted the law as well as a court timeline to estimate when the case will be completed. A status proceeding or merit proceeding, preferred by state attorneys, will be announced by Moody with a timeline included in the coming weeks. The significance of a merit hearing as described by Cornell Law as a case where the decision rests upon the law as it applied to the particular evidence and facts presented in the case.