Anniversary of Loss of Greenville in Dixie Fire Commemorated in 3-day Event


Today marks the one-year anniversary of the historic loss of the town of Greenville during the Dixie Fire. The town has come out of the ashes and continues to rebuild and grow stronger as a community. To commemorate the date there will be a three-day event to also include the remembrance of the 2020 Bear and Minerva fires. Starting tomorrow a fire procession will start at the site of the first home that was consumed by the Dixie fire in Belden and continue down the path of the fire. The food hub, The Spot on Pine Street, will also be painted in chalk art to celebrate what the local and extended community and the response organizations have accomplished over the year. If you are a fire survivor there will be resources and emotional support professionals. The day will end with a Memories of Greenville Memorial at the American Legion property and a concert at the Greenville Baptist church. Visit Memories of Plumas’ Facebook page for event details.