Almanor Foundation and Funders Roundtable Take Big Step in Dixie Fire Rebulding Efforts


The Almanor Foundation and Funders Roundtable, who support Dixie Fire response, have awarded 230,000 dollars to 14 organizations since its start just 5 days after the start of the Dixie fire. The foundation and funders roundtable have also just approved funding for the initial discovery phase of a project headed by Tyler Pew to aid in rebuilding efforts. Pew’s extensive background in building lead to his commitment to assist recovery efforts and has brought together several high value expert companies in thier respected fields; SERA Architects, Open Scope Studio based in LA and San Francisco, and Tactile Worx Focus to develop a process for planning the vision of a new community that is customized to Greenville, Indian Falls, and Canyon Dam. This initial phase will begin immediately and take anywhere from 6 to 8 weeks to complete.