Almanor Fishing Report

Almanor Fishing Report
The Hex Hatch continues on Almanor with shuck’s littering the lake each evening. Fish continue to key on the Hex larvae as they rise through the water column, the fish we are cleaning are loaded with hex larvae and insects of all kinds. The fish are in great shape, rainbows in the 2-4# class are the norm.
Trollers continue to target Red Bank with as many as thirty boats trolling each morning, the bite typically dies when the sun gets on the water. Slow trolling has been the preferred method, pick your favorite bait, crawlers, meal worms or plastics. The biggest mistake I see people make on this lake is to oversize terminal tackle, my typical setup is a size 10 Pline swivel at the end of my main line, a five-foot section of 6# fluorocarbon leader and a size 8 Gamakatzu bait hook. If you do not have downriggers lead core will also get the job done and I always keep two lead core rods on by boat at the ready, when fishing is tough, I will use a lead core setup as my “bonus rod” directly out the back of the boat, giving you one more shot. On my lead cores I start out with 20# backing three colors of 12# lead core, 75’ 10# mono followed by the Pline swivel, 6# fluorocarbon and the size 8 Gamakatzu bait hook. That setup will get you way back behind the boat, more importantly the 75’ of mono allows you to fight fish with the mono not the lead core. While these are my typical setups, other guides/fishermen use different methods and setups, experiment until you find what works best for you.
Bass fishermen are picking up quality smallies off structure and ledges, fly fishermen continue to target the hex hatch each evening along the west shore and bank fishermen are picking up fish in the coves around the dam and at Hamilton Branch, with Hamilton Branch kicking out a better grade of fish.
You can expect to encounter road construction on all roads leading to Almanor. As is typical for this time of year hotel’s, restaurants and campgrounds are full, plan and call ahead!