Almanor Area to Vote on Fate of Seneca Hospital Come November

The Almanor area come November will be faced with a ballot measure that will ultimately see Seneca Hospital remain open or close its doors. Measure B is on the ballot to garner support for the new hospital build that has less than ten years to be completed at a price tag of nearly 50 million dollars. The measure, if voted in, will allow Seneca to sell up to 42 million in general obligation bonds to finance the project. In the final fiscal year of 2050, is when all taxes would be collected at the cost of 8 cents on every 100 dollars or 3 million annually. The measure also includes an independent citizen’s oversight committee.

If the hospital is not able to finance the new build that already has a design concept in place, the hospital doors will close, as the nearly 70-year-old hospital will not meet California’s seismic code, leaving the Almanor area to receive care either in Susanville at Banner Lassen MC or Plumas District Hospital in Quincy, both nearly an hour drive away.