AlertCalifornia Launches Groundbreaking Wildfire Camera Network, Empowering Public Vigilance and Early Fire Detection Statewide


As the region faces the onset of wildfire season amid scorching summer heat drying forest fuels following the long winter, AlertCalifornia, Based at the University of California San Diego, has taken a significant step forward in fire safety by introducing a revolutionary wildfire camera network.

Formerly part of the ALERTWildfire camera network, the expanded collaborative program equips communities to prepare for, respond to, and recover from wildfires and other natural hazards. Boasting over 1,000 advanced pan-tilt-zoom wildfire monitoring cameras and sensor arrays across California, this initiative gathers vital real-time data, empowering public safety efforts during natural disasters, and allowing communities to act promptly in curbing the spread of fires before they spiral out of control. Additionally, homeowners now have enhanced capabilities to protect their properties, as they can stay informed and take precautionary measures well in advance. This program will also encompass cutting-edge research to effectively respond to the escalating frequency and severity of environmental challenges.

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