Add Your Input to Your District Lines in Lassen County at One of Three Scheduled Workshops


If you want to take part in the redistricting process in Lassen County, there will be three supervisorial workshops held this month. Each meeting will cover existing supervisorial boundaries and the proposed boundary changes. The first meeting will be at the Beiber Memorial bldg on Bridge street Wednesday November 17th at 6pm. The second will be held Thursday November 18th at 6pm and the third on Monday November 22nd at noon, both to be held at the Lassen county supervisor board chambers on Nevada St. The Clerk recorder’s office at the Lassen county board of supervisors meeting last noted that the most significant changes will be coming to District 5 who potentially will be absorbing 600 to 700 people into its district as the Janesville area has had a large growth in population over the last 10 years. You can call 530-251-8217 for more information about the workshops.