Honey Lake RCD to Improve Old Channel Canal


Honey Lake Valley Resource Conservation District plans to use a nearly 4 million dollar Department of Water Resources grant to improve the Old Channel canal running through Susanville. The goal would be to reduce the waste of water by lining the canal.

A contractor out of Reno has designed the improvements that line the canal with concrete with other options such as hydro turf to reduce loss and conserve water. A maintenance road will also be included in the design that can also serve the community as a walking trail. Discussions of lighting and irrigating the trail are also potential.

The canal water will also be cleaner as the project also includes an interceptor filtration system for rain run-off from the roadways.

The canal runs from the Susan River dam and crosses under Main Street over to Johnstonville rd. The project is expected to begin construction by the fall of next year with a completion date in May of 2024.