Eagle Lake Fishing Report by Eagle Lake Fishing Information and Network


Surface temps still holding between 63-66F. Surface algae hasn’t been bad since cooling off & some pretty stiff winds clearing the surface. However, we gained quite a bit of color and particulates in the water. The northern tui chub spawners are heading back south. So we’ll be finding a few more of those. As next week rolls in with warmer temps, we’ll see some changes again. Trout are still out there. Every day a little different. We still have em foraging outer rock piles. Bait & fly fishing remains viable near and around them. Trollers: One day we’re 1-2ft deep & the next day 8-18 then 25-32. Lol. Orange remains a top producing color. Trolling flies in orange and cinnamon are also working. Just gotta find the depth of the day. 37-50 feet of water. Ramp? Lol it’s working but ya gotta be careful. I stay towards the dock side. Transition was a couple inches off the cement in places. End of the cement was barely knee deep. I did receive a report of trailer damage over the holiday weekend. So be very careful & check the transition & pick your spot. I did fine launching my 19.5ft. But I ease her in and ease her out. The hole is deep enough to sink a truck but the shoal is 30-35″ deep. 4.4ftish at the end of the dock. Flush bathrooms were still open as is the fish cleaning sinks…both leave a bit to be desired from one day to the next. It has been beautiful up here, colors abound! RV park store in spalding has what ya might need if ya need it!