Summer Heat is Here Bringing the 1st Days of 100 Degree Temps


The heat of summer is finally here and brings above-average temperatures with it. With decreasing winds, high pressure moves into the area pushing temperatures to the 100 mark. By midweek the region could also experience late-day thunderstorms. Chris Smallcomb with the Reno national weather service says this week with these possible storms it may be our best chance for some monsoonal moisture.

Though while in the midst of the heat here are some handy tips to combat this heat wave and keep cool:

Close windows and blinds during the day.

Take cool showers.

Use fans

Stay cool by spending time in air-conditioned places like the mall, movie theaters, and public libraries.

Use box fans and ceiling fans to promote air circulation throughout your home

Eliminate extra sources of heat (like cooking in the oven)

and stay hydrated!

Check on your elderly neighbors as well to make sure they are staying comfortable. The elderly and children are most susceptible to heat illness.