$5M Grant Awarded to Lassen Fire Safe Council For Project Near Westwood


The Lassen Fire Safe Council has received a 5 million dollar grant for forest restoration efforts. The CAL Fire Forest Health Program grant will allow the fire safe council to dedicate funding to the Dixie West Reforestation Project, which covers over 4,000 acres of timber to the northwest of Westwood, Pinetown, and Clear Creek. The area was devastated by the Dixie Fire burning over 80% of the land. The project will begin with felling standing dead and dying trees, chipping, and removing those chips for use as biomass. Trees will be planted in the spring, using a mix of fire- and drought-tolerant pines. In addition, the areas with tree seedlings will include “islands” of diverse native groundcover habitats composed of native grasses, wildflowers, and brush. In addition to benefiting the lands, the project will also help create jobs for the area, restore recreational value, reduce erosion, and maintain air and water quality. Work is expected to begin in the coming weeks.