5 Million in Direct Payments go to Dixie Fire Victims


Thirteen people who were impacted with losses during the Dixie Fire have received nearly 5 million dollars in claim settlements as PG&E rolls out the first direct recovery payments. There have been a total of 120 claims made to date with more payments scheduled to go out in the coming days. The program was launched just over a month ago and as Joe Wilson PG&E’s VP of NorthValley Sierra Region said had the goal of providing a tool to help hometowns recover and rebuild. The district attorney for Plumas County David Hollister responded that these first payments are proof that the settlement agreed on by the affected county DA and PG&E is effectively holding the company accountable for its responsibility of starting the Dixie fire as well as helping the communities rebuild following its destruction. You can still submit your claim through the direct payment portal at D P 4 C R .com. Within 75 days of receiving the claim, the company will resolve it with your payment. On top of making a claim, you can also be eligible for 50,000 dollars if you choose to rebuild your destroyed home. Though if you choose not to submit a claim you still hold all of your legal rights and claims against the company.