3 Confirmed Wolf Kills in Lassen and Siskiyou County


Southern Lassen County and Eastern Siskiyou County have been recent hot spots for wolf predation with 3 confirmed kills. A total of 5 reports were made on the possible predation of wolves with one confirming a coyote kill while another remained unknown. The most recent kill was on May 2nd in Lassen County where a producer spotted a black wolf near a calf carcass. CDFW reports the calf was killed the night prior and found evidence of tooth scrapes and punctures matching that of wolf attacks. Wolf tracks were also found around the calf and CDFW picked up on GPS locations of one of the areas tagged wolves in the general area of the kill that same night. The last Lassen county kill was on April 28th on private timberland in South county as well where the same tagged wolf’s GPS collar shows locations near that kill. The CDFW has just implemented an Interim Wolf Livestock Loss Compensation Grant Program that offers payments to producers for the impacts of wolf presence on livestock, compensation for livestock loss, and non-lethal deterrent use. Confirmed kills by the CDFW after September 23rd of last year are eligible.