15 Hour Manhunt Ends with Suspect in Custody


A suspect has been caught after evading the Lassen county sheriffs for nearly 15 hours following the robbery of a home, holding the owners at gunpoint, and stealing a vehicle. On Saturday the LCS were called to a robbery in progress on Center Road near the prisons. Initial reports led deputies to believe a person arrived at the home while the burglary was happening, and the suspect held them at gunpoint for a period of time before fleeing in the homeowner’s vehicle. The suspect drove to another home on Center road, rammed through a gate and fled on foot. The vehicle was located and the area cleared by ground and air units yet the suspect identified as a Hispanic male was unfound. He was believed to be armed with a black semi-automatic handgun. The sheriff’s office had to warn other homes in the center road, Belfast, and ward lake areas to be on the lookout and remain cautious. Yet just before midnight on Saturday persistent efforts by the Sheriff’s Office with ground and thermal imaging found the man in a creek bed hiding in the shrubs. He was arrested transported to the Lassen County Jail for booking. The incident is still being investigated and the Sheriff’s Office will release further details of the events.