BLM Purchases 800 Acres Over 5 Years as Part of “America the Beautiful’ Initiative


The Bureau of Land Management announces nearly 800 acres of land have been purchased over the last five years to expand efforts in habitat conservation and recreation opportunities, much of which surrounds the Susanville area.

The expansion, as BLM state director Karen Mouristen, says, “ helps advance the ‘America the Beautiful’ initiative.”

In Lassen county, the BLM has acquired 680 acres along Upper Smoke Creek, home to greater sage grouse, mule deer, and other wildlife among its network of streams. The newly added public lands now open the door to hunters and outdoor enthusiasts to explore the affluent riparian areas and wetlands. The BLM has also purchased 40 acres near Biscar to the NE of Susanville, including a quarter mile of Snowstorm Creek with its year-round spring flows. And a final acquisition of the Reynolds parcel of 18 acres at the Rice canyon OHV rec area adds to the public use of these lands.

These purchases were made possible through the federal 900 million dollar Land and Water Conservation Fund approved by congress in 2020, along with state grants.