Your Attendance Needed at Special Board Meeting For Chester Fire Department Closure


The disbanded Chester Fire Department is urging you to attend the special board meeting taking place tomorrow. The board will meet to discuss the closure of the department due to its lack of holding liability insurance. Chester Public Utility District closed the department Thursday after the utility districts general manager Adam Cox found out and informed the Fire Chief that the department has been without the insurance since November to no fault of the fire department. You will be able to attend that meeting starting at 3pm when public commenting is opened. The meeting will proceed into closed session and return to the public by 5pm. The lack of a fire department in Chester would mean a 15minute response time as Emergency medical is being provided by the Peninsula Fire District and West Almanor Fire District, Enloe hospital has also provided an ambulance to cover Chester in the meantime CalFire in Westwood would also responding to fire emergencies. The meeting will be held at Chester Public Utility District Building 251 Chester Airport Rd. beginning at 3pm. The agenda can be found at