Wrong Ballots Reach More Plumas County Voters

More Plumas County voters receive the wrong ballot.

Today an additional 32 voters in the Graeagle area were issued a ballot with the wrong school board trustee area. Plumas Clerk-Recorder, Marcy DeMartile said those who received the wrong ballots have had their addresses updated and are being notified. Corrected ballots will be sent out to their registered physical address.

The problem arose during the redistricting of the school trustee area during the 2020 census requiring over 25,000 addresses to be updated to reflect the trustee area changes. Nearly 5400 were in Trustee area 5, in Graeagle.

It was just last week when over 30 voters received the wrong ballot for the same issue. DeMartile says the problem has been remedied. Those in the Graeagle/ East Quincy Trustee area 5 will be voting for one of two candidates, incumbent Leslie Edlund or challenger Coby Hakalir.