Winds Gusting over 60 MPH Today


Wind gusts are picking up across the region as the next series of storms move in. The Reno National weather service has issued a high wind warning for this morning lasting through 7 am tomorrow. You can expect to see winds reaching 25 up to 40 miles per hour and gusts up to 65 miles per hour. Those areas along 395 can see the highest winds that can top 80 miles per hour. Winds can be damaging you should prepare by securing patio furniture, trash cans, and trampolines. Blowing snow can cause whiteout conditions as well across the highways. Even a few seconds of low visibility can direct you off the roadway. If you will be traveling today, drive with caution. High profile vehicles are not recommended for travel along US 395 when winds are this high. Watch Caltrans quick map for any related restrictions.

This first storm expected to hit by your drive home and will be warmer with snow levels remaining around 5000 feet and above. 6 to 8 inches is expected over the passes. By Thursday a slightly stronger storm is expected to arrive. Yet it will leave by the weekend. This will be a good opportunity for snow melt and water to absorb into the ground giving utilities and emergency personnel an opportunity to restore power and damaged roadways.