Westwood Potential New Site for 2nd Cannabis Dispensary in the County


Westwood Cannabis Club could be the 2nd dispensary to open in Lassen County. The board of supervisors in a 3-2 vote, with ayes from Supervisor Hemphill, Hammond, and Gallagher, granted the use permit to the potential owner’s appeal of the Planning Commission’s June 7th disapproval action. The County Planning manager said the building and its proposal for operation complys with all setbacks that have been outlined by the county code yet it is up to the Supervisors to determine if the business is detrimental to the health and safety of the community, the reason for the public hearing taking place at yesterday’s supervisor’s meeting. Both Supervisor Bridges and Albaugh opposed granting the appeal for reasons that the business would be detrimental to the health and peace of the Westwood community. This was echoed by the few that spoke during public commenting in opposition to the proposed cannabis business. Supervisor Albaugh during the final vote saying “we are going down the wrong path here”, this was after his first motion to deny the appeal that failed. The proposed owners of the dispensary will now have to go through the state to obtain a permit and pass all regulations before construction can begin in the existing commercial building. The proposed site is located at Mooney Rd./County Rd. A-21 and SR36 intersection at the mini-mart.