Water Truck Driver Arrested with 1/2 Million Bail Set for Suspicion on Starting Berry Fire in Sierra County


Sierra county sheriff’s office has arrested a water truck driver for arson. Emergency responders received calls of fire near Berry creek on August 22nd. The Tahoe national forest service and sierra county fire quickly responded to the fire and knocked out the flames without much spread. It was then that fire investigators determined the fires to be suspicious, and interviews began among witnesses to determine the cause. During these investigations, Dillon Schneider of Auburn was identified as a person of interest. Dillon worked as a water truck driver for a logging company in the area where the fire started. Later that afternoon, Dillon was arrested by the sierra county sheriff’s office for possessing a firearm to which he was prohibited from carrying, possessing stolen property, and having a substance used to start fires. His bail is set for half a million dollars. The sierra SO is continuing to investigate the incident.