Water Shortages In PNF Campgrounds


Water shortages are affecting recreational facilities in the Plumas National Forest Feather River Ranger District. Limited water is available at Little Grass Valley Reservoir campgrounds, including Little Beaver, Running Deer, and Red Feather. While camping at these locations you are asked to conserve water as much as possible. The forest service is asking whether you are in a camper or tent to pack in your own water and if using any of the faucets at the campsites to ensure they have been completely turned off and not run for long periods of time. The little grass valley dump station and water are closed, but the Wyandotte dump station is still open for use. The spring-fed system typically gets stressed in the heat of summer but typically not till mid to late summer. A major break in the water system this past week drained the tank of the system resulting in a huge loss. The district is working on identifying continuing short and long-term solutions.