Veterans Memorial Hall in Susanville Receives Much-Needed Roof Renovation for a Brighter Future


Long overdue, the Veterans Memorial Hall in Susanville will have a new roof.

Due to the aging rooftop, the interior of the building sustained unsightly water damage to the walls and even created puddles that stage performers had to wade across during shows. During Best of Broadway in January, Director Emily Vorlisky quipped, “When there is the weather outside, there’s weather inside.”

Pete Heimberg, with the county’s public works department, said the roof is 90% complete but requested the Supervisors increase the budget to address additional concerns that arose during the repairs. Crews discovered flashing was needed and new drains that can filter leaf build-up.

Heimberg explained that $ 10,000 was already built into the contract to cover any change orders, yet nearly triple that is needed due to the discovery of the additional work.
The contractor did not shoulder the costs as it was not part of the original bid.

With the installation of the drainage upgrades and flashing, the project will be complete, ensuring the Veternas Hall will continue to serve the community for many more years to come.