US395 Expansion, Gun Violence Reduction Grant, and Election Certification- LC Supes Packed Agenda

What has become a regular occurrence at the Lassen County board of supervisor meetings due to the efforts of the US Forest Service Beckwourth DistrictRanger, the board will receive an update on post-wildfire forest restoration activities on the Plumas national forest tomorrow, among several other high-priority items. The district ranger, Mike Rahe, has made it a point since his taking on the role this summer to keep the supervisors updated on progress from the Beckwourth district. Mainly due to the board’s concerns over past forest management practices. That discussion is set for 10 am.

The supervisors will also receive a Certified Statement of Results for the November 8, 2022, General Election.

And, suppose you have concerns about safety along the US 395 corridor. In that case, the board will be hearing an Informational report from the Lassen County Transportation Commission regarding the US 395 Coalition’s efforts to develop a strategy for the expansion of US 395.

Sheriff Growden will also be discussing with the supervisors a Gun Violence Reduction Program Grant awarded to the department for over 300,000 dollars. The sheriff says the purpose of the grant is to reduce the number of firearms held by persons who are prohibited from carrying them. This will be accomplished by creating a position for a detective/deputy to act as an evidence technician.

With a fully packed agenda, the supervisors meet tomorrow at 9 am at their chambers on Nevada street in Susanville. The full agenda can be found at