Two illegal Dump Sites in Lassen County Set to be Cleaned Up


Two illegal dump sites in Lassen County will soon be cleared. The Honey Lake Valley Resource Conservation District has been awarded 100,000 dollars from CalRecycle’s Farm and Ranch Solid Waste abatement program to complete the work. The district will also be removing hazardous waste located within these properties. The first site in grazing lands in Litchfield has rolls of plastic buried into the ground that are in need of being dug up. With the funds the district will conduct soil sampling and testing before and after the removal of the waste at this site to ensure the safety of grazing animals. The second site is located in Herlong on nearly 30 acres. The site contains abandoned cars, portable buildings, tires, and household trash. It is estimated that there are around 125 tons of it scattered across the property. The CalRecycle program annually offers up to 1 million dollars for the removal and cleanup of illegal solid waste sites on farm or ranch lands. You can also find out if your property qualifies for the cleanup and abatement program by visiting