Town Hall to Discuss Cold Water Releases and thermal Curtains at Lake Almanor

The Chamber of Commerce and Lake Almanor Foundation are hosting a town hall event to bring awareness to the licensure of the Lake.

There has been a long-standing battle over maintaining the licensure and the cold water releases and thermal curtains related to it. This Monday, you can attend the event to hear from top-level managers from PG&E on the matter.

Letters of support to be mailed to five different Californian Politicians to keep the licensure in local hands will be made available to sign after the town hall.

Advocates are urging you to sign for the health and welfare of Lake Almanor, The Lake Almanor Community, and the Lake’s “World Class” cold water fishery to maintain the area’s way of life. The concern if licensure goes into the hands of big corporate is that the health of the Lake and its fishing will decline as the project would take 50% of the Lake’s cold water and divert it by thermal curtains downstream to Butt Reservoir through a 12ft diameter pipe. The curtain would take up an area of about 14 acres in front of the Prattville Intake.

You can attend the town hall starting at 5:15 this Monday at the Lassen theater in Chester on Main Street to learn more.