Tips to Stay Prepared for this Weekend’s Winter Storm


With more significant snowfall in the forecast, the Susanville CHP and Plumas County Sheriff’s office want you to be prepared by sharing some tips ahead of the winter storms…..

  • Check the weather and road conditions before you head out. They also remind you that you can call for road conditions if the internet is not accessible at 1-800-427-ROAD Do a Pre-Storm Check of your vehicle, Check fluids, tires, and wipers, and make sure you have the right size tire chains!
  • Make sure you have a full tank of fuel! Carry a blanket, gloves, and food
  • If you are taking a trip, let someone know where you are going and your route!
  • Turn on your headlights to be easily seen!
  • SLOW DOWN! The CHP says the primary cause of crashes during storms is from traveling too fast! Focus on the road and not be distracted by cell phones and electronic devices.
  • Slow down and give road workers space. DO NOT try passing snow-plows!
  • Keep extra distance between yourself and other cars; 4WD/AWD does not stop any faster than 2WD cars. Braking distances are significantly increased.

The Plumas County Sheriff’s office says to have a plan ahead of this storm and encourages you to stay safe at home if possible, as travel is highly discouraged. The sheriff’s office also suggests you prepare for the high winds and heavy snow that may result in power outages. 

You can do so by starting your generators and making sure they work. Get reserve fuel and go grocery shopping before Saturday. They would also like to discourage you from Christmas Tree hunting this weekend in the mountains, with deep snow levels and low visibilities likely to occur throughout much of Saturday and Sunday.  The NWS is suggesting 3-5 feet of snow above 5000 feet.

The brunt of the storm is expected to hit tomorrow.