Susanville’s Sales Tax Oversight Board Sits Down for the First Time

The Susanville Sales Tax Oversight board meets for the first time this evening after newly being formed with the final appointment of Rita Heath, a local uptown business owner.

The oversight board was created as a condition of the passage of Measure P to oversee the projected 1.75 million dollars in extra revenue the city may receive with the increase in the city’s sales and use tax by one percent. The goal will be to set meeting parameters, structure, and protocol of the board and the board members’ roles and responsibilities. Those appointed by approval of the City Council are Tony Ardito and Curtis Bortle. Tom Downing, Jan Newbold, and Rita Heath.

City staff will share the current status of the city’s budget and Measure P funds to date, as the tax was imposed on October 1st, as well as noted in the agenda discussions, which may lead to the development of an additional ordinance specific to the governance of the Sales Tax Oversight Board. By February, the city expects the board to provide its first report to the city council for a mid-year review of the budget.

The sales tax oversight board will meet at City Hall this evening at 5:30 to begin its first duties.