Susanville Resident Speaks Out Against Squalid Living Conditions as City Cracks Down on Property Owners


“Forced to Live as if in a third-world country” is what one resident of a property in Susanville says about the home she is living in.

During the city’s planning commission meeting this past Tuesday, September 26th, Desire Mauer addressed the commissioner, explaining the heinous conditions she was living in; a property that evening was set to have a public hearing for a nuisance abatement order. She went on to explain how the residence had no running water, heat, or Desire has since moved into a more suitable home but found it pertinent to address her living conditions at the house in question that evening.

What will likely turn into a legal battle, the City of Susanville has begun to crack the whip on many of the investment properties owned under the Tesak family through multiple corporations and trusts that have become a blight to the community for their dilapidated state.

The city council on September 6th had levied a lien against multiple other properties owned and managed by the Tesak family member William Tesak, in the amount of thousands of dollars. Now faced with more oncoming fines and penalties, Tesak says he is seeking federal legal action against all involved, calling the orders by Code Enforcement and the city a Sham.

Code Enforcement Officer Cody Loflin claims his due diligence in notifying all necessary parties involved through the various LLCs and companies the Tesak family is involved with, one correspondence even reaching the shores of Florida in Ft. Meyers. This family member has since retained a lawyer in light of the notices, joining the battle to resolve the nuisances. Mr. Talia was present during the commission’s public hearings, calling for William Tesak to surrender his properties.

The commission concluded by imposing a 10,000 dollar penalty on one of the Tesak-owned properties and withheld on another pending confirmation of the rightful responsible owners set to return to the board.


Photo by Pawel Czerwinski on Unsplash