Susanville Police Department Looks to Curb Petty Theft in Major Retailers


Susanville Police Department is planning to put an end to petty theft in major retailers.

Acting Chief Bollinger, who resumed the role following former Chief Cochran’s retirement last evening, said enough is enough, and the department is working to collaborate with two major chains in town to enforce operations that will effectively deter shoplifters. Part of that plan, he added, was increasing the penalty for those caught. Bollinger said they will no longer just be receiving a ticket but will end up spending time behind bars; the department is collaborating with the county jail.

Bollinger stated one of the retailers has lost hundreds of thousands of dollars in merchandise due to these crimes, with little recourse due to company policies that have been taken advantage of by the thieves.

The announcement was made during the Susanville City Council’s November 1 meeting, heavily applauded by those in the seats of city hall.