Susanville Police Anti-Theft Detail Proves Successful


Susanville’s Police Department announces a successful petty theft sting at Walmart, making four arrests and recovering a firearm and drugs.

The operation was conducted on Thursday, November 16, with the assistance of employees from Walmart.

Captain Bollinger, in the announcement, shared the details of success.

Notably, four individuals were initially contacted for suspicion of theft. However, no citations were issued, and they were released.

Yet a 27 and 22-year-old from Susanville were arrested for shoplifting and conspiracy to commit a crime. They were transported to the Lassen County Jail.

A 56-year-old from Standish was arrested for shoplifting and resisting arrest. This individual was cited and released at the scene.

Additionally, a 40-year-old from Redding was arrested for shoplifting. However, as officers searched the vehicle, they discovered a loaded Glock handgun. They suspected Fentanyl, for which they were booked into the county jail for violation of probation, having a firearm as a convicted felon, and possessing a controlled substance.

Captain Bollinger at the City Council’s recent meeting said more operations will continue through the season to help the community feel safe while shopping and paying for their goods.

The department has been working closely with Wal-Mart and Safeway to curb petty theft occurrences and says future operations are planned with other retailers.