Susanville PD Addresses Pedestrian Safety in Successful Traffic Enforcement Operation


In a span of eight hours, the Susanville Police Department took significant actions in promoting pedestrian safety during a traffic enforcement operation. Throughout this initiative, the department issued a total of 11 tickets, conducted stops for over 30 drivers, and apprehended 2 individuals for drug-related offenses.

This enforcement effort aligns with the recognition of September as Pedestrian Safety Month. The department had previously announced the forthcoming targeted traffic safety operation last week. The primary objective was to address hazardous driver behaviors, including speeding, illegal turns, failure to yield, and disregarding stop signs or signals, all of which pose substantial risks to pedestrians.

The department said this operation was possible through a grant awarded by the California Office of Traffic Safety, facilitated through the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.


Photo provided by Susanville Police Department